Psychology Faculty James Mantell and Aileen Bailey Awarded National Science Foundation Grant

Submitted by Angela Draheim on August 28, 2023 - 3:25 pm
August 28, 2023
By Angela Draheim

Associate Professor of Psychology James Mantell and Professor of Psychology Aileen Bailey were recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education, titled “Developing Modernized Data Science Instruction in Psychology Curricula.” The purpose of the three-year, $297,000 project is to develop, assess and share open educational resources that enhance data science skills within undergraduate psychology courses. Drs. Mantell and Bailey will develop laboratory courses that intentionally embed and scaffold data science skills across the semester. They will also investigate the ways in which data science instruction affects psychology students' critical thinking abilities, visualization skills and attitudes about data science. For more information, please see the NSF award page.