Graduating St. Mary’s College of Maryland Students to Present St. Mary’s Projects May 1 & 2

Submitted by Chuck Steenburgh on April 26, 2023 - 4:09 pm
April 26, 2023
By Chuck Steenburgh

St. Mary’s College of Maryland cordially invites the community to the St. Mary’s Project presentation sessions on Monday and Tuesday, May 1-2. Presentations will take place at various times and locations on those two days, according to the chart below. The largest presentation takes place on Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Michael P. O’Brien Athletics & Recreation Center, where students from a wide range of departments and majors will be conducting poster presentations of their projects. There is no charge to attend the events, and visitors are free to come and go during the sessions.


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The St. Mary’s Project (SMP) is a two-semester, eight-credit independently designed and executed course of study intended as a capstone experience for a student’s time at St. Mary’s College. Working in close conjunction with one or more professors, students have the opportunity to explore, in-depth, a question or idea that intrigues them. Many SMPs are interdisciplinary, bringing together threads from earlier classes taken across the curriculum. Students must demonstrate methodological competence and draw on and extend knowledge, skills, and creative achievement developed through their previous academic work. The project must also be shared with the larger community through some form of public presentation.

During the presentation session, visitors will have the opportunity to engage directly with students on the subjects of their projects. A complete listing of presentations can be found at


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