Assistant Professor Jeff Eden Publishes New Book on Soviet Muslims During WWII

Submitted by Michael Bruckler on April 05, 2021 - 12:06 pm
April 05, 2021
By Michael Bruckler

Jeff Eden, assistant professor of history, has published a new book on the Soviet Union during WWII: “God Save the USSR: Soviet Muslims and the Second World War” (Oxford University Press, 2021). 

Professor Adrienne Edgar of UC-Santa Barbara writes: "This is a brilliant and original book. Jeff Eden uses a rich trove of previously unknown sources to explore the experiences of Soviet Muslims during World War II. He tells the story of the wartime 'revolution in religious life' mainly from the perspective of Muslims in Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Russia, who range from young Red Army soldiers praying in foxholes to elites raising money for the war effort. God Save the USSR deserves to be read by anyone interested in Soviet history, Soviet Muslims, and the Second World War."

The book's official page at Oxford University Press is available here:

Additional work by Professor Eden are available here:



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