JED Campus SMCM Update – Spring 2024

Submitted by Chuck Steenburgh on April 17, 2024 - 7:40 am
April 17, 2024
By Chuck Steenburgh

SMCM joined with the JED Foundation in 2022 to ensure we are promoting health and wellness on our campus. The JED Foundation is a nonprofit organization that partners with colleges to strengthen their mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems. The SMCM JED Campus team worked with JED consultants during the 2022-23 academic year to create a JED strategic plan for our campus. We are now completing Year 1 (of 3) for implementing changes to help strengthen our support for student mental health and well-being.

Four workgroups were initially formed. The Communications Workgroup (Chaired by Libby Williams with committee members Crystal Gibson, Angelie Roche '24 and Chuck Steenburgh) led the JED Launch in October 2023, partnered with the Live Well planning group in November 2023 and continues to send out campus updates on behalf of the other workgroups. End-of-year updates are provided below.

The Emergency and Crisis Management Workgroup (Co-chairs Chris Coons and Joanne Goldwater with committee members Kelsey Bush '94 and Greta Michels '24) has been working on a postvention policy for SMCM, which will define roles and responsibilities of staff and faculty in the aftermath of a crisis situation on campus. After soliciting feedback from various constituencies on campus, the anticipated completion date for the new postvention policy is summer 2024. Once completed and approved, they will work with campus groups, such as the Emergency Response Team, to train members of campus divisions about their specific roles and responsibilities. The workgroup also plans to spread the word on campus about how to access the policy. Completing this task is a major step forward in the JED implementation plan.

The Health and Counseling Workgroup (Chaired by Kelli Remmel with committee members Deb Bello, Raina Crew '24, Mary Dorsey, Maria Haugaard, Lolita Hope and Ashley Johnson '25) has helped coordinate several Wellness Campaigns, including working with Dean of Students Derek Young '02 to show Seize the Awkward videos before movie showings and collaborating with SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) on Wellness Week in April. A webpage update is being developed, which includes the addition of a Wellness Center FAQ page, ways to make off-campus provider information more accessible and a template for students on how to apply for health insurance. In addition, the workgroup is working with the Wellness Center to evaluate the feasibility of piloting extended service hours and weekend hours for counseling services.

The Orientation and Policy Workgroup (Chaired by Jess Jolly with committee members Kelvin Clark, Jerri Howland and Derek Young '02) has now formed and will be looking for additional members for the 2024-25 academic year. They plan to work on issues of health and tuition insurance, a standardized form for medical providers to complete for student return from leaves of absence, wellness issues in relation to new student orientation, an environmental safety scan of the campus and a survey about life-skills activities and events for students. Please let us know if you are interested in joining any of the workgroups!

The JED Campus Steering Committee (Co-chaired by Jess Jolly and Libby Williams with committee members Chris Coons, Mary Dorsey, Crystal Gibson, Joanne Goldwater, Lolita Hope, Angelie Roche '24 and Derek Young '02) will meet in May to plan for Year 2 (2024-25) goals for implementing the JED strategic plan for SMCM. Not only does the JED Campus Team invite any individuals interested to join with them, but they want to also acknowledge that the JED efforts are part of the larger institutional strategic plan regarding wellness on campus and the amazing efforts of our many students, staff and faculty who dedicate time and energy to ensuring best practices for health and wellness on our campus.

See for more information, including links to let us know if you want to join a JED workgroup or provide feedback.