Two-Artist Exhibition Features Work of Professor of Art Sue Johnson

Submitted by Lee Capristo on May 08, 2023 - 9:40 am
May 08, 2023
By Lee Capristo

Sue Johnson's artwork is part of a two-person exhibition at The Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington, Delaware from June 9 - August 27. In "External Reflections | Internal Identities" artists Sue Johnson and Constance McBride both explore the lives of their respective mothers.

In Johnson’s "Hall of Portraits from The History of Machines," she invites us to look at historical representations of women and domestic machines as intertwined. She is “re-imaging what her mother experienced navigating issues of identity in this era” when representations of women “were constructed to be both the consumer and the consumed at the same time.” Johnson investigates issues of female identity using images projected into women by the external world of mass media.

Constance McBride illuminates the experience of her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease through her "Lonely Girls" series. Through clay, wire, color, and texture she explores the internal life and isolation of those suffering with dementia.

Opening Event at The Delaware Contemporary: June 9, 5 - 9 p.m.