Artworks by Sue Johnson, Professor of Art, Selected for Inclusion in Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition

Submitted by Michael Bruckler on July 01, 2021 - 12:57 pm
July 01, 2021
By Michael Bruckler

Two of Professor of Art Sue Johnson’s large-scale mixed media paintings will be on view in “Amplify,” July 17 – October 24, 2021, at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The exhibition focuses on the experiences of woman-identifying artists in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. Virginia MOCA curators have connected with curatorial colleagues and asked them to share their recommendations of woman-identifying artists who are exploring identity and the gendered roles of women. Through a variety of media and approaches, the artists in “Amplify” explore some of the many aspects of what it is to be a woman. They reveal common themes from an intersectional, and deeply personal lens.  

Virginia MOCA curators took inspiration from a strategy first developed by women staffers of the Obama administration (reported in the Washington Post: ) when their contributions were overlooked at meetings. When one woman spoke up or offered an idea, another would both recognize and repeat it. They called this strategy “amplification.” By persistently supporting one another, they were heard. This exhibition’s goal is the same. Virginia MOCA will echo the work and ideas of the artists in “Amplify.” Through the exhibition, programming, and online platforms, their voices will become louder, and they will be heard.  

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Pour Me, Hall of Portraits from The History of Machines


Unique acrylic painting over printed reproduction on canvas from artist’s original image

109.25" x 72"