Professor Williams Published in “Bringing Psychotherapy to the Underserved”

Submitted by Michael Bruckler on March 05, 2020 - 3:48 pm
March 05, 2020
By Michael Bruckler

Elizabeth Nutt Williams, professor of psychology, has a book chapter in the recently published “Bringing Psychotherapy to the Underserved: Challenges and Strategies” (Oxford University Press) by Jeffrey Zimmerman, Jeffrey E. Barnett, and Linda F. Campbell.


The book examines the challenging problem of providing psychotherapy services to underserved, often marginalized populations, both within and outside the U.S.


Williams’ chapter explores current research strategies and considers additional, less often employed methodologies, in the area of mental health disparities. In particular, previous correlational and survey studies examining barriers to treatment are reviewed. In addition to understanding barriers to treatment, there is a need to focus on what works for underserved populations. Additional experimental studies of treatment modalities (e.g., tele-health), the impact of integrated care and geographic access, and the use of cultural and language-sensitive programs are needed. Additional qualitative studies of individual experiences within various underserved populations will also help devise innovative treatment approaches. By matching method to need, new ways to help underserved populations who decide to seek help will be found. They then will access the care they need and receive the best psychotherapeutic treatments available.