Sight to Site Exhibition: Art by Carrie Patterson

Tue, Jan 17 2023, 11am - Sat, Mar 11 2023, 4pm
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Montgomery Hall
Boyden Gallery
Intended Audience
General public

This exhibition runs from January 17 - March 11.
Boyden Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 11 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm

Carrie Patterson creates geometric painted objects that embody a poetic physical translation of place. She combines abstraction with observation using forms found in vernacular architecture and the landscape such as billboards, signs, fields, water, and barns as source material. Through a slow process of mining a site for information, she draws on location, remembering specifics about each place by measuring distance and creating the illusion of light in each visual expression. Maintaining a practice, often incorporating memories of observed landscapes into her paintings and isolating color events or single gestural marks. Patterson approaches each canvas or surface seeking an equivalence to the beauty found between the far away spaces and the details. The experience she wants to translate is often invisible, a continuous flux between what is seen and what is known. In her current body of work, she uses her own sketches, and color notes collected over twenty years to create new visual objects that reference a collected landscape and her stored visual memory.

Event Sponsor(s)
Art Department
Joe Lucchesi