Meet Sami

“oh my gosh this is it,”

- Sammi on her first art history course

sami wright

Sammi is an active member of the campus community. She worked as the gallery assistant at Boyden gallery for the past two years and was the SGA club coordinator last fall. As club coordinator, she organized approximately 100 clubs. On the day of the Fall 2016 club fair, Sammi recounts having the least amount of stress possible because everyone she worked with cooperated and was a joy to work with. She was also a collections photographer last fall. Being at St. Mary’s has helped Sammi challenge herself and do everything that she can to pursue her interests.

When Sammi was a first year student, she originally wanted to major in history and educational studies. However, when she took an art history class her sophomore year, she was smitten: “oh my gosh this is it,” she recalls. She later added the history and art history major and picked up the museum studies minor. The museum studies minor requires that students complete an eight-credit internship through the college or anywhere in the country or the world.

Sammi studied abroad to study art history her junior year. In Perugia Italy, she was exposed to beautiful, old italian art and had the opportunity to work with the Casa Museo Palazzo di Sorbello as an intern. In her museum studies class, she got the chance to work with two different institutions in the city, Casa di Palazzo Sorbello and Museo Cattedrale di Perugia, where she was able to develop her museum studies skills. At her internship she made english speaking tours for international visitors, and worked for a museum that has an american foundation, its sister foundation. There, she would write press releases for them, update the website, and create an online exhibit. When asked what she’ll miss about St. Mary’s, she said, “I don’t want to think that way!”