Meet Devin '21

Class of 2021 Bachelor of Arts in English

"Writing about fish and fishing connects to the liberal arts greatly. Oftentimes there is a lack of attention to the nonhuman world, which has been a driving force to the environmental concerns that plague the world today. Through this opportunity, I was able to become a globally-aware citizen and inform those around me about the state of the aquatic ecosystem by researching fish, talking to professional fishermen and conservation organizations.”

Devin Garner

Devin Garner ’21 spent the summer of 2020 completing an externship with local professional fisherman and author, Lenny Rudow '90. The externship was a part of the COREP 201 course offered at St. Mary’s College, which focused on professional writing. Each student in the class was placed with a local author or publication, and spent the summer working with the authors to create their own products and features. Devin wrote seven articles in total which have all been published in FishTalk magazine, a magazine run by Rudow which focuses on fishing in the Chesapeake Bay area. These articles included features on the right time and places to find certain species of fish, tips from professional local fishermen, and an interview with the executive director of the Coastal Conservation Association. During his time writing for FishTalk, Devin was able to further refine his skills as a writer and improve his professional communication skills. In addition, as an English major and the managing editor of the campus newspaper, Devin was able to continue writing over the summer, which is something that he greatly enjoys. Devin has been admitted to the Master of Arts in Teaching Program at SMCM as a member of the Class of 2021. He plans to be a teacher.