Meet Davita

Queens, NY

"It's the people at St. Mary's who got me here, and the people who have kept me here."

Davita Fennell

In reflecting on her experience at St. Mary’s College, Davita Fennel l'22 recounts what first attracted her to the college. She enjoys the remote campus, as it is a conducive environment for her numerous goals. Davita has participated in many leadership roles. In her time here, she has been on the executive board for multiple clubs, such as Dance Club and Burlesque Club and has participated in club sports such as women’s rugby and the Hawkettes dance team. This is in addition to her being the co-chair for Relay for Life and the team manager for the men’s basketball team.

She states that the ability to be an open-minded, multi-disciplined person is essential for success at St. Mary’s College, but that time management is equally important due to the high academic demands of attending an honors college. “It is important to be ambitious, but realistic.” She discusses how easily it is for student athletes to experience burnout due to this rigor.

Davita has a distinct flair for creativity and describes her experience in Dance Club as her favorite out-of-class experience, admiring the way each dancer puts love into what they do. “It’s the people here at St. Mary’s who got me here, and the people at St. Mary’s who have kept me here.” It is her goal to pursue a career in teaching either art or computer science following graduation.