Assistant Professor Soo Bin Jang Published on Asian American Identity-Based Mentoring

Submitted by Soo Bin Jang on April 19, 2023 - 11:24 am
April 19, 2023
By Soo Bin Jang

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies Soo Bin Jang, PhD and her colleagues recently published an article entitled "Negotiating Asian American identities: Collaborative self-study of Korean immigrant scholars' reading group on AsianCrit" in The Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. Through a collaborative process of reading, discussing, and writing together, Jang and her Korean immigrant early-career scholars made sense of the racialized epistemology imposed on Asian internationals, Asian Americans, and Asians. This important and timely research expands the current understanding of Asian and Asian American socialization in the U.S. contexts. 


October 13, 2023