Chemistry and Biochemistry Students Present Research at National Conferences

Submitted by Kelly Neiles on April 13, 2022 - 1:29 pm
April 13, 2022
By Kelly Neiles

Nine St. Mary’s College of Maryland chemistry and biochemistry students presented their original research at two national conferences this spring: the National American Chemistry Society (ACS) conference in San Diego, Calif., and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) annual meeting, part of Experimental Biology 2022 in Philadelphia, Pa. The students presented on work related to their senior capstone projects (St. Mary’s Projects), other research they completed within the department, or as part of a summer research program.

Two students presented posters at the annual ASBMB conference (top photo from left to right): Lauryn Ridley ‘22 (biochemistry/biology) “Expression and purification of corticosterone binding globulin in E. coli for quantification;” and Jakob Wellek ‘22 (biochemistry) “Detection and effects of heavy metal cadmium on metallothionein proteins in oysters (Crassostrea virginica).”

Seven students presented posters at the ACS conference (bottom photo from left to right): back row - Ny Luong ‘22 (biochemistry) “Synthetic investigation of group 13 metal chelates containing the aza–dipyrromethene core;” Aiden Lane ‘22 (chemistry) “Synthetic investigation of group 13 metal chelates containing the aza–dipyrromethene core;” Emma McNesby '22 (math/chemistry) “Influence of Suwannee River natural organic matter on rapidly precipitated carbonates;” Tabitha Fisanich ‘22 (chemistry, ) “Quantification of artificial sweeteners in aqueous solution: A magnetic resonance approach;” Juliana Hancock ‘22 (chemistry) “Dry-cell electro-stamping of metals and alloys with a bathless method;” and front row - Cassie Block ‘22 (chemistry) “Creation and utilization of supplementary media materials to enhance two chemistry curriculums at a first and second year high school level;” Katherine Riesner ‘22 (chemistry) “Inkjet printing of CdTe nanocrystal solar cells.”

In addition to these presentations which were all well received, the students also secured a number of travel awards to financially support their participation at the conferences including: Patrick K. Mahlon Memorial Chemistry Funds (awarded to all student travelers); ASBMB student chapter travel award (awarded to Lauryn Ridley); Chemical Society of Washington’s student travel award (awarded to Katherine Riesner); and ACS Maryland Section student travel award (awarded to Cassie Block).




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