Professor Mertz Appointed to Steering Committee for NSF-funded BioMolViz

Submitted by Pamela Mertz on December 09, 2021 - 3:06 pm
December 09, 2021
By Pamela Mertz

Professor of Biochemistry Pamela Mertz was recently appointed to the steering committee for BioMolViz, an NSF-funded project (RCN-UBE #1920270) that has been developing resources to improve the pedagogy of biomolecular visualization.  Goals of the project include promoting awareness about biomolecular visual literacy and providing all interested educators with learning goals, objectives, and assessment tools to target and evaluate visualization in their classroom.  Mertz has been working on the project since March and was recognized as a BioMolViz Fellow this past summer for “outstanding contributions to the project.”  She will join the steering committee in January.

More info about BioMolViz can be found online.  


August 17, 2023