St. Mary’s College of Maryland Partners with Chesapeake College for New Marine Science Articulation Agreement

Submitted by Michael Bruckler on November 15, 2021 - 1:37 pm
November 15, 2021
By Michael Bruckler

Students from Chesapeake College now can easily transfer into St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s marine science major with the signing of an articulation agreement. 

“St. Mary’s College’s marine science major is the first in the state so I am excited that this articulation agreement with Chesapeake College will make it more accessible to students in Maryland,” said Jeffrey Byrd, interim vice president for academic affairs/professor of biology. “Our program consists of a curriculum of foundational physics, chemistry, and biology courses along with advanced courses that utilize the campus’ resources.”

The articulation agreement is designed to facilitate students’ ease of transfer to St. Mary’s College. Chesapeake College students graduating with an Associate of Science in Biological Sciences or Environmental Science will be eligible for admission into St. Mary’s College’s new marine science program. The goal of this articulation agreement is to lay out a sequence of courses both at Chesapeake College and at St. Mary’s College that will allow transfer students to complete their bachelor’s degree in four semesters after their associate degree.

“Innovative agreements like this one are designed to save students time and money. Chesapeake is proud to partner with St Mary’s College on this initiative, which gives local students an opportunity to learn more about and steward the Bay region and beyond,” said David Harper, Chesapeake’s vice president for workforce and academic programs.

There is also a dual admission option with St. Mary’s College and Chesapeake College. Students interested in dual admission are encouraged to consult with an academic adviser at Chesapeake College and the Office of Admission at St. Mary’s College to assist in choosing courses to promote timely graduation.  

Interested students should apply to the St. Mary’s College Office of Admission at least six months prior to the start of the semester they wish to transfer. These agreements are also available to part-time students. 

The new marine science program became available at St. Mary’s College beginning in the fall 2021 semester. The major embraces the College’s waterfront environment with the use of the St. Mary’s River and Chesapeake Bay to create a unique, rigorous, and innovative program.  St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s location on the St. Mary’s River provides many opportunities for marine science that are not available at other Maryland higher education institutions.

St. Mary’s College also welcomes international students to apply to the College. Additional admission materials will include the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and WES transcript evaluations, if applicable.