Professor Mertz Published an Article in ASBMB Today on “Back to Class”

Submitted by Pamela Mertz on August 05, 2021 - 12:25 pm
August 05, 2021
By Pamela Mertz

Professor of Biochemistry Pamela Mertz and Associate Professor Craig Streu of Albion College published an article in the August edition of ASBMB Today, “Back to Class: College Faculty Prepare for a Return to In-Person Teaching.”  The article provides results from a national survey of biochemistry and molecular biology undergraduate educators.  Respondents included faculty members across many types and sizes of institutions as well as faculty members at various stages of the transition to in-person teaching.  Some clear themes emerged including the challenges of engaging students in hybrid learning; faculty committing to flipped classrooms moving forward; a larger toolkit with regard to technology; deep reflections on the fundamental aspects of teaching; and concerns with regard to the pandemic and students readjusting to in-person teaching.  Faculty also gave advice such as be kind, flexible, and focus on building community.

The article can be accessed online, starting on page 50:…