Ongan Has Six New Publications

Submitted by Lee Capristo on February 24, 2021 - 9:09 am
February 24, 2021
By Lee Capristo

Serdar Ongan, visiting professor of economics at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, has six new publications in 2021:

“Monetary Policy Uncertainties and Demand for Money for Japan: Nonlinear ARDL Approach” in the Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 26(1), 1-12 (SSCI);

How Do Various Health Insurance Coverages Affect COVID-19 Related Stay-at-Home Tendencies of People Across U.S. States?” in the Journal of Health Management, 1-8 (ESCI);

 “Money Stock Determination Process and Money Multiplier: Case of South Korea” in the Journal of Financial Economic Policy, February Volume. (ESCI);

 “The Increases and Decreases of the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) for 8 OECD Countries” in Environmental Science and Pollution Research, published 2/4/21 (SSCI); 

Convergence Analysis of the Ecological Footprint: Theory and Empirical Evidence from the USMCA Countries” in Environmental Science and Pollution Research, published 2/24/21 (SSCI);

Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: Evidence from the US Case Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis with Application of Decomposition” in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 10(1), 14-21 (ESCI).