Maria Kalantzis

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

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Maria Kalantzis (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate at Bowling Green State University. She currently works under the direction of Dr. Abby Braden. Maria's research program involves integrating qualitative and quantitative methodology to understand the antecedents and consequences, such as health behaviors, in relation to discrimation. Her current research revolves around focus group work to contextualize eating disorder symptoms of ethnic minority women, as well as develop novel, single-session approaches to eating disorders in marginalized communities. Maria was recently funded by the Arab American Center of Philanthrophy to provide preleveance rates of eating disorder symptoms in Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African American women. Maria has a secondary interest in mental well-being among musicians as well as the philosophy of science. 

Maria is currently a Visiting Instructor of Psycholoy at St. Mary's, and has held an adjunct position at North Central College, her alma mater. Maria is passionate about integrating anti-racist curriculum into her works.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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  1. Stein, C., Griffith, F., Rudd, M., & Kalantzis., M.A. (in press.). Online and In-Person Dating and Disclosure Experiences among People with Mental Illness. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.


Key Manuscripts Under Review/To Be Submitted

  1. Kalantzis, M. & Braden, A. (Under Review). A stress-process framework of perceived discrimination predicting eating disorder symptomatology in an ethnically diverse sample. Submitted to Journal of Clinical Psychology. Preprint: A Stress Process Framework of Perceived Discrimination Predicting Eating Disorder Symptomatology in an Ethnically Diverse Sample - ProQuest
  2. Kalantzis, M., Haidar, A., & Braden, A. (in prep). Disordered eating, emotional eating, and sociocultural attitudes towards appearance in Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African American women: a cross-sectional study. Submit to Journal of Cultural and Racial Diversity. STAGE: Preparing for submission. Preprint: (18) Prevalence Rates of Disordered Eating, Emotional Eating, and Body Image Concerns in Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African American Women | Request PDF (
  3. Kalantzis, M.A., Barnhart, W., & Braden, A. Examining Facets of Self-Compassion in Relation to Emotional and Disordered Eating Behaviors in a Treatment-Seeking Sample of Adults with Overweight/Obesity (Under Review). Submitted to Current Psychology. Preprint: 225e8770-54fa-4c14-8801-d459b9f557e1.pdf (
  4. Kalantzis, M., Lim, S., Zoleta, C., James, S., Yannon, M., & Mueller, E. (In prep.). A pilot-study contextualizing racial microaggressions in graduate students of color: an ecological momentary assessment. Submit to Journal of Race and Culture Diversity. STAGE: 2 round of data collection
  5. Kalantzis, M., Dauber, A., Jordan, A.,…Musher Eizenman, D. (In prep.) Extending the objectification theory to examine motivations of tinder and Tik-Tok use in relation to disordered eating and negative body-image attitudes. Submit to TBA. STAGE: Data collection
  6. Kalantzis, M., Wang, P., Meschino, K., Dauber, A., & Braden, A. (In prep.) What sociocultural pressures towards appearance eating pathology in Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African American women? Submit to Body Image. STAGE: Write-up
  7. Braden, A., Kalantzis, M., Meschino, K., Dauber, A., Barnhart, W.. & Redondo, R. (in prep.) Ecological momentary assessment of emotional eating in adults with overweight/obesity. Submit to Psychological Assessment. 


Areas of Research Specialization

  • Health Psychology, Eating Disorders, Ecological Momentary Data, Qualitative Methods

Areas of Teaching Specialization

  • Eating Disorders, Intro, Diversity & Inclusion, Psychopathology

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