Katherine Gantz

Professor of French & Associate Dean of Faculty

Katherine Gantz


Katherine Gantz holds a PhD in French from the University of Michigan. As the Associate Dean of Faculty, Dr. Gantz works closely with a number of groups at SMCM, including department chairs, new faculty, the Office of International Education, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and Boyden Gallery. Katie has been at St. Mary's since 2005. Trained in nineteenth-century French literature, Dr. Gantz has expanded her research interests to include urbanist criticism and visual studies. Her work has has appeared in such publications as the Journal of Modern Literature, Dix-Neuf, and the Journal of Feminist Scholarship. Her research considers present-day uses of public space in Paris originally designed during the Second Empire.  

Areas of Research Specialization

  • Nineteenth-century French literature
  • Gender theory
  • Cultural studies (television, social media, urban space)

External Affiliations


  • Ph.D. in French Literature at University of Michigan, 1999
  • M.A. in French at University of Michigan, 1995
  • B.A. in French at Wittenberg University, 1992


  • (Re)Pinning Our Hopes on Social Media: Pinterest and Women's Discursive Strategies
    (Re)Pinning Our Hopes on Social Media: Pinterest and Women's Discursive Strategies

    Pinterest, the theme-based image-sharing website, has seen a predominantly female usership since its launch in 2010. Unique in both its design and its demographics in the US, the site has generated distinctive patterns of use, posing new questions about how women are claiming this particular spot in social media as their own. Supported by both feminist linguistic and social science research, this article undertakes a discussion of Pinterest's implicit and explicit gendered protocols of usership, which result in what I argue is an emerging women's online rhetoric. Through the examination of images and accompanying comments taken from the site, I trace Pinterest's often conflicting outcomes.
  • Homer Dodge Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Katie is a recipient of the Homer Dodge Award for Excellence in Teaching.