DeAndre Clements

Regional Director of Admissions for Access and Partnership

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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  I’m a graduate of Detroit Public Schools (Detroit Murray-Wright High School).  I have a bachelor’s degree in organizational management, a master’s degree in education, and doctoral credits in higher education and instructional design.  As an Educational Consultant and Higher Education Admissions Specialist, I’ve helped hundreds of students tap into their passions, their life’s purpose, and coached and mentored them towards attaining their academic and career goals. 

I'm married with 3 children; my eldest son attends the University of Michigan where he’s in the Engineering Program, my daughter attends North Carolina Central University and is majoring in Psychology, my youngest son is a middle school student, who has a goal of becoming a professional drummer and music producer.  My amazing wife is a manager of a major award-winning gospel music artist and is a manager at a boutique hotel in Bethesda.

I’m very happy to serve as the Regional Director of Admissions for Access and Partnerships at SMCM, where I’m able to focus on populations of students that may not have direct access to an Honor’s College education.  I’m excited to work with community-based organizations and other outside entities to build relationships and create partnerships giving all students opportunities and access to attend our great institution. 

“My mission in life is to assist people in creating and living a happy life.  "KNOWLEDGE is the key that opens the door to success and happiness.”