Alex Meadows

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Department Chair

Alex Meadows


Alex Meadows teaches all levels of mathematics and has active research collaborations with students.

Areas of Research Specialization

  • Geometric Analysis
  • Combinatorial Game Theory


  • B.A. in Mathematics at Williams College, 1996
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics at Stanford University, 2002


  • Chomp in Disguise

    Joint work with Andrew MacLaughlin, SMCM 2009, published in the College Mathematics Journal, September 2013. We investigate Chomp, a game popular with chocolate lovers, and various other combinatorial games associated with it.

  • Twist Untangle and Related Knot Games

    Joint work with John Ross, SMCM 2009, and Sandy Ganzell. To appear in Integers, the Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory. We investigate some classes of Untangle, a combinatorial game connected to knot theory. In particular, we offer results for Twist Untangle, which is a pile subtraction game like Nim and Wythoff's Game, but which does not break easily into a sum of games.