ELAW Policy Adjustment Due to COVID-19

Submitted by Christine Wooley Associate Dean of Curriculum
March 27, 2020 - 11:15 am

ELAW Requirement Update

Given the difficulties that students may encounter completing the ELAW requirement, the College is waiving ELAW for all spring 2020 graduates.  Students who are currently completing a credit-bearing ELAW experience, however, should note that to earn credits for their current ELAW experience, they must complete the experience as determined by the instructor of record.  In addition, all students (of any year) who were completing an ELAW experience this semester, or who had registered for an ELAW experience for this summer, will have their ELAW requirement waived, as previously established.  Students graduating in summer or fall of 2020, or spring of 2021, whose academic plans necessitate an ELAW experience this summer but had not yet registered their ELAW experience, may appeal to Christine Wooley, Associate Dean of Curriculum, for an ELAW waiver.