Cultural Perspectives course option Fall 2020: Latin American Cultural Studies

Submitted by Joanna Bartow Chair, International Languages and Cultures
March 27, 2020 - 11:09 am

ILAS 210. Latin American Cultural Studies, TR 10:00-11:50, Prof. Ximena Postigo Guzmán

This course defines Cultural Studies from a Latin American perspective and examines its contribution to the continuing reinvention of Latin America and enhancement of intellectual exchanges and debates between Latin America and the Western World. It also examines how Latin American Cultural Studies addresses colonialism and postcolonial theories. The course operates with a broad understanding of culture, one that encompasses literatures, languages, political discourses, social movements, indigenous perspectives on colonialism and modernity, as well as different cultural production practices such as film, music, plastic art, theater and performace. Since Cultural Studies leads us to understand the politics of culture beyond the borders of disciplines, students in this course will experience a strong interdisciplinary approach to different practices and events through which culture either strengthens or counters structures of power.

Fulfills the Cultural Perspectives requirement.

Look for this course in the pull-down menu under "Latin American Studies."