Cardio Room Renovations Completed

Submitted by Thomas Fisher ARC Director
January 17, 2020 - 3:42 pm
New treadmills ready to be used

The MPOARC underwent some renovations over the Winter Break.  The Cardio Room floor was replaced with new rubberized flooring.  We have also added four new treadmills, three ellipticals, one ARC Trainer, one Power Mill and two recumbent bikes.  Come check out the new equipment and see Tom Fisher or ARC Facility Managers with questions.

Help the MPOARC Staff #SweepTheSheds and Keep the Fitness Center, Cardio Room, Movement Room, Recreation Courts and Pool Clean

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MPOARC Reminders

1. Patrons are asked to report to the Welcome Desk to present their ID card or purchase a guest pass before using the facility. Guest passes are $5/person.

2. With the potential for inclement weather, patrons are asked to bring a change of shoes to work out in our facilities.

3. Please wipe all machines when done with gym wipes that are provided and turn off all televisions.

4. Return the treadmills to the appropriate elevation when done walking/running and turn off all TV's when workout is complete.

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