Greece study tour interest session today!

Submitted by Michael Taber Professor & study tour leader
December 01, 2019 - 7:53 pm
Chilling now that we've "taken" an ancient mountaintop fortress

"Kalimera" to those who might be somewhat considering the June study tour to Greece,

Today, Monday, December 02 at 5:00-5:45 in Margaret Brent Hall 109 there'll be a information session for those considering this summer's (or the following summer's, or for the summer of 2022,....) SMCM study tour to Greece, June 1-25.

This will be Professor Michael Taber's 13th study tour to Greece, and he will give a brief overview with time for questions. The study tour's website is  

Some program highlights for 2020:

· visiting all four pan-Hellenic athletic sites (incl. Olympia)

· spending 4 nights on the island of Naxos

· spending 3 nights on the island of Paros

· day trips to the islands of Mykonos and Delos

· enjoying authentic, home-cooked Greek cuisine throughout (the real Mediterranean diet!)

· taking a cooking class, where you actually cook

· visiting a citrus farm to learn about Greek agriculture

· walking the very streets walked by Agamemnon, Sisyphus, Socrates, Alexander the Great, St. Paul, Nero, etc.

· visiting 5 ancient theaters

· seeing the jail cell in which Socrates drank the hemlock

· folk-dancing lessons

· taking a tour of a winery

· optional trip to the deepest cave in Europe (lots of stairs, but cool!)