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Math Club Activities



We get mathematicians from all over the country to give fun talks about math. We also have members of the math club give talks on their summer research and math they find interesting. There are also informational talks about summer and career opportunities for math majors. Pizza and soda are provided at most talks.

Pi Day/Pi Week

Pi Day, March 14, usually fall during Spring Break, so we have a host of Pi Week activities the following week, capped off by the annual Pi Eating Contest.



Study Breaks and Game Nights


There are usually two social events each semester, usually involving fun games like Set, Fluxx, Go, Settlers of Catan, and of course Blokus.

Math Conferences!

Each spring we take a group to the Mathematical Association of America's MD-DC-VA sectional meeting. This January, the joint national meeting of the MAA and the American Mathematical Society will be in DC and we plan to represent St. Mary's well there.

Fundraising and Outreach

We raise money for our various activities through fundraisers such as candy counts and contests at World Carnival. Last year, we had a "Pi in the Face" event during Pi Week that benefitted the Three Oaks Shelter.

Math Club Officers

President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Changes annually.