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A men punches a cushion held by a woman in a martial arts studio.
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Rustin Pare
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art with a major focus on controlling and submitting an opponent, usually through fighting on the ground. Jiu Jitsu has a large focus on overcoming opponents of greater size and power using superior technique through leverage, grip, and position. You don’t need to be strong or big to excel at Jiu Jitsu - all you need is training and knowledge of technique. Our club is an unofficial student-led organization meant for learning and practicing together. You don’t need any prior martial arts knowledge or experience to learn.

We often bring notable figures to campus to serve as guest teachers. Some of our past guest teachers include:

  • Vanessa Griffin: female brown belt in BJJ and three time IBJJF World Champion
  • Tye Ryan Murphy: black belt Jiu Jitsu instructor
  • John Johnson: purple belt in BJJ and instructor in boxing and BJJ
  • Aung La N Sang: MMA fighter and the middleweight and light heavyweight World Champion for ONE Fc

Alternate Contact: Mindy Grant, msgrant@smcm.edu

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