September 10, 2021
St. Mary’s College of Maryland alumna and adjunct instructor Rie Moore ’19 was recently awarded a Creativity Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) for her project titled "Decaying." The funding will cover expenses associated with creating a prerecorded audio-visual program for piano and… Find Out More
August 17, 2021
Professors of Physics Charles Adler and Professor of Art Carrie Patterson will present individually during the TEDxGreatMills free virtual event entitled EMERGE! on September 18, 2021, along with Professor Emeritus of English Michael Glaser and SMCM Alumna Rie Moore ’19. Nine speakers will present… Find Out More
April 19, 2021
As our year-long pandemic begins to ease, some public live music performance is returning. The First Cavalry Division Army Band, stationed at Fort Hood (Texas), will give the first performance of "Manna" Variations. The concert is on May 15, part of the "Tablerock Festival of Salado." The event is… Find Out More
April 8, 2021
Mary’s College of Maryland Musician-in Residence Brian Ganz will resume his popular “PianoTalk” series on the Zoom platform.  He will offer two live PianoTalks this month, the first on April 20 (on Ludwig van Beethoven) and the second on April 30 (on Frederic Chopin). For each event he will play a… Find Out More
December 16, 2020
St. Mary’s College of Maryland Musician in Residence Brian Ganz resumes his popular PianoTalk series, now in a virtual format. In his PianoTalks, Brian takes music-lovers behind the scenes with great works of music and then performs them. His discussions shed light on subtle aspects of musicianship… Find Out More
December 16, 2020
St. Mary’s College Department of Music’s PING Ensemble featuring students - Enrique A Mas Lebron, Michael Casey, Caroline Colina, Tibby Cosham, Thomas Dolan, Josh Dubois, Emma Huckabee, Ezra Huckabee, Jonathan Parsons, Rachel Steelman, Gretchen Young - perform a number of “Hamilton” highlights in… Find Out More
November 10, 2020
On Monday, Nov. 10, the University of Utah School of Music's New Music Ensemble released a live-stream performance of Professor of Music David Froom's "Yeats Songs." The two songs, using Yeats's poems, "The Wild Swans at Coole" and "Clothes of Heaven," are for soprano and violin. They were… Find Out More
October 5, 2020
St. Mary’s College Professor of Music Jeffrey Silberschlag has been invited to present a recital and master class during the international trumpet conference, The Brazilian Association of Trumpeters (ABT), November 3-8, in Brazil. The conference’s theme is “Integrating Knowledge with the Spirit of … Find Out More
October 1, 2020
While the ongoing pandemic has closed concert halls throughout the world, performers and presenting organizations are finding creative ways to stay active. The California Music Center, home to the Klein International String Competition, is creating and posting "Klein@Home Hour" online programs that… Find Out More
September 14, 2020
The publisher American Composers Alliance has released a new anthology, "Flute Works by American Composers, 12 pieces for flute alone." Included in this collection are two works by Professor of Music David Froom: "To Dance to the Whistling Wind" and "Ribbons." These two works, written in 1993 and… Find Out More